The Progressive Caucus is a space of dialogue based on confidence-building and open debate. It aims at analysing differences and building bridges between progressive allies in the European Parliament and across Europe. It has been established by progressive MEPs of different political groups and is open to everyone in the community of the European Parliament standing for solidarity, democracy, social justice and sustainability.

“Today, Europe does not fulfil the main objectives of democratization, social and ecological progress. On the contrary, European Union and its Member States policies has become for the most part the tool of a savage and aggressive globalisation with a fundamental lack of democratic ownership by its citizens and peoples.

The aim of the Progressive Caucus is to strengthen progressive voices in the European Parliament. We, progressive members of the European Parliament, coming from different countries and different political backgrounds, are convinced that it’s time to change the neoliberal, unsustainable and unfair Europe, both at the European and national levels, and construct a new European project based on solidarity, cooperation and ecology. To achieve this goal, it is nevertheless more than necessary to talk, to confront our divergences and convergences in order to better act together. In this spirit, two tools can be used: discussion between members from different political groups to understand what unite and differentiate them and intervention in the public space when social, democratic principles and environmental justice are threatened in Europe.”

If you wish to attend our meetings or being kept informed about our activities please contact us. The meetings of the progressive caucus are open to everyone within and outside the European Parliament who shares our fundamental values.