Progressive Caucus joined the YO!Fest 2018

The Progressive Caucus was represented at the YO!Fest 2018 -organized by the European Youth Forum- and participated during a debate about “New Coalition Scenarios in the Digital Age”, led by the Young European Socialists.

The debate was structured around possible new scenarios for coalitions in the digital area, on the role of technology in wealth redistribution, and on the increasing economic and societal importance of technology giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft.

The main speakers of the event were Philipp Tzaferis, Vice-President of the Young European Socialists, Veronica Nagy, President of European Trade Union Confederation Youth, Zuzana Pavelkova, Co-Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens, Jacopo Barbati, Vice-President of the Young European Federalists, and Albert Klein, Co-ordinator of the Progressive Caucus.

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