Public event on 21st June in Brussels: “The Missing Scenario, there are alternatives for Europeans” With Alexis Tsipras, Paul Magnette, Ska Keller and Benoît Hamon

There is no doubt saying that Europe is at a crossroads. Ignoring the necessity to reaffirm principles of solidarity, democracy, sustainability and equality by suggesting limited game-changing proposals is a denial of the ongoing process of disintegration.  Inefficient and narrow liberalism is surprisingly inspiring a part of progressive forces who advocate for so-called “modern solutions” […]

Press Conference on the Missing Scenario

On Europe’s day, the Progressive Caucus presented the missing scenario.  The publication of the White Paper on the future of Europe prepared by the European Commission does not match the great challenges facing Europe. Progressive cannot give up the battle to transform the EU. Therefore, MEPs of the Progressive Caucus have worked on proposals built […]