BIG UPCOMING EVENT: The European Integration in front of new challenges

• “The European Integration in front of new challenges – The role of Progressive Forces” • Progressive Caucus’s event with the participation of the Presidents in the EP Udo Bullmann (Socialists), Ska Keller (Greens), Gabi Zimmer (Left), and representatives from the parties SYRIZA (Greece), RAZEM (Poland), Generation.s (France), Sinn Fein (Ireland), Ecolo (Belgium) • The event will take […]

“The Great Regression”, hosted by the Progressive Caucus

In light of the publication of the book “The Great Regression”, the Progressive Caucus* invited the editor of the collective work, Heinrich Geiselberger, as well as Robert Misik, Austrian journalist and one of the authors, to an open discussion in the European Parliament about the challenges progressive forces in Europe face today.  Members of Progressive […]