Progressive forces gathered in Brussels to discuss the missing scenario

About 600 people – citizens, journalists, NGOs, trade unions, academics, MEPs – attended the second public event organised by the Progressive Caucus on Wednesday 21st June in Brussels. Eminent speakers such as Alexis Tsipras, Benoit Hamon, Ska Keller, John Crombez, Gabi Zimmer and Isabelle Thomas expressed their visions for a protective and progressive project for all Europeans. This discussion is part of a broader reflection already initiated within the Progressive Caucus. Indeed the publication of the White Paper on the future of Europe prepared by the European Commission does not match the great challenges we are facing.

That is why progressive members of the European parliament drafted “The missing scenario”.  Against the choice between status quo and nationalism, they believe alternatives exist for Europeans.

You can download the long version of the paper in English here: The Missing Scenario – There are alternatives for Europeans

The French version is also available at the following link: Le scénario manquant – des alternatives existent pour les Européens

Please find below the videos of the event in English and in French :

Photos of the event are available here:

The international press reported about it :


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