Europe must change! Call for a European Forum of Progressive Forces

The European Union is going through a long-lasting crisis, an existential crisis. All the peoples of Europe, whether or not they are members of the Union, suffer from austerity policies and terrible inequalities. Peace and climate are threatened.

We have had enough of this antisocial, authoritarian, greedy and selfish Europe. We do not accept that the only alternative would be competition between the populist, xenophobic and extreme right-wing nationalist forces separating European peoples, and the forces which propose a strengthening of the austeritarian neoliberal policies resulting from the treaties. This gear prepares or feeds an authoritarian trend in many countries of the Union, with the war of everybody against everybody as the only future.

This is too dangerous, especially after the election of Donald Trump. It is a huge waste when there are so many challenges for peace and the construction of a new social and ecological model for the development of humanity.

We are the ones who are looking for another path: that of building a Europe of social and ecological progress, a feminist and anti-racist Europe, a democratic, welcoming and peaceful Europe.

We know that we are many who share this desire, and that the peoples of Europe can change the course of history. We know that our gathering is urgent and awaited throughout Europe and beyond.

Only the unity of our forces will allow for change. It is time to build a common front, break the walls and open a wide debate to produce progressive solutions together. We must meet, debate – without taboo and without exclusivity – about the convergences, solidarities, common objectives to be found to reach this objective.

We propose to create an annual forum of progressive forces of Europe, a new space for long-term political cooperation, bringing together a very broad panel of left, green and progressive parties, of platforms and political movements, trade union and social organisations, NGOs, intellectuals and citizens movements from all over Europe. We want a useful Forum to coordinate the various initiatives that are taking place in Europe and to build all the possible joint actions.

Our proposal is that of a process, where each force is invited to co-develop at all stages, a process that seeks to expand every day.

Let’s start in Marseille, 10 and 11 November 2017, for the first edition of this forum! Join us now!

Signatories of the Call


Organisation / Party


ACERBO Maurizio National Secretary of the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista Italy
ALEXOUPOULOS Sotiris Pireus Initiative for Support of refugees and immigrants Greece
Alliance for Free Movement United Kingdom
ANAGNOSTOPOULOU Sia Member of Parliament; Former Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs Greece
ANDERSSON Li President of the Left Alliance Finland
Another Europe is Possible United Kingdom
APOSTOLOS Kalogiannis Mayor of Larissa Greece
ASSASSI Eliane President of the CRC Group in the Senate France
AUTAIN Clémentine Spokesperson of Ensemble! France
BADEA Marin Vice-President of the Romanian Socialist Party Romania
BAIER Walter Political coordinator of transform! Europe Austria
BALAS Guillaume Member of the European Parliament S&D, Progressive Caucus France
BALIBAR Etienne Anniversary Chair Professor at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University France
BAUM Marc Member of the Parliament Déi Lénk Luxembourg
BENATOUIL Maxime Co-Director transform! Europe, Espace Marx France
BEN-OMAR Fatima-Ezzahra Porte-Parole des Effronté-e-s (Association Féministe) France
BENYIK Matyas ATTAC Hungary
BIRMPAS Dimitrios Mayor of Egaleo, Athens – Attica Ex Board of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities Greece
BOCCIA Maria Luisa Centro per la Riforma dello Stato Italy
BOLINI Raffaella Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana ARCI Italy
BOURNOUS Yannis Member Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, Head of European & International Affairs Greece
BRAUN Hugo Attac Germany
BRENNAN Brid TNI – Transnational Institute Netherlands
BUSTINDUY Pablo  Member of the Spanish Parliament, International Secretary for PODEMOS Spain
CACCIA Giuseppe Italy
CARVALHO DA SILVA Manuel Member of Centro de Estudos Sociais, former general secretary of CGTP, Confederation of trade unions Portugal
CASTELLINA Luciana Sinistra Italiana Italy
CAVALLI Franco Professor of Oncology and Coordinator of the Alternativo Forum, Bellinzona Switzerland
CENTELLA Jose Luis General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain Spain
Central Committee of the Communist Party Wallonie-Bruxelles Belgium
CHASANIDIS Petros President, Labor Centre of Orestiada Greece
CHASSAIGNE André President of the GDR Group in the National Assembly France
CHERKI Pascal M1717 France
COFFERATI Sergio Member of the European Parliament S&D Italy
COHEN-SÉAT Patrice Président d’honneur d’Espaces-Marx France
Convergenza Socialista Italy
CSISZÁR Tamás Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006 Hungary
CURRAN Frances Executive member of the Scottish Socialist Party United Kingdom
DAIBER Birgit Activist Commons goods Germany / Italy
DE SOUSA SANTOS Boaventura Sociologist, , University Professor Portugal
DE WITTE Line President of the Parti du Travail de Belgique in Louvain, author of the book “TTIP et CETA pour débutants” Belgium
DEARDEN Nick Global Justice Now United Kingdom
DEL RIO Pilar President of Fundação José Saramago Portugal
DHARRÉVILLE Pierre Member of Parliament for Bouches du Rhône (PCF) France
DI SISTO Monica Fairwatch Italy
DIDERICH Gary Spokesperson for Déi Lénk Luxembourg
DOUZINAS Konstantinos Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament Greece
DOWLING Felicity National Secretary of Left Unity Great Britain
DROPPA György SZAB – Organisers for the Left Hungary
DUNPHY Richard Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee United Kingdom
EVANS Trevor Euromemo Germany
FAIRWEATHER Stuart Convener, Democratic Left Scotland United Kingdom 
FAZENDA Luís Bloco de Esquerda Portugal
FERRÉ Marga President of FEC (Europe of Citizens Foundation) Spain
FERRERO Paolo Vice-Président of the Party of the European Left Italy
FORENZA Eleonora Member of the European Parliament GUE/NGL Italy
FRANGAKIS Marica Nikos Poulantzas Institute Greece
FRATOIANNI Nicola National Secretary of Sinistra Italiana Italy
GALLEGO HERRERA Joan Carles Unionist, Former General Secretary of Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) Catalonia Spain
GARZÓN Alberto Head of Izquierda Unida Spain
GEORGE Susan Attac Europe
Greece Solidarity Campaign United Kingdom
Green Left United Kingdom
GUAMAN Adoracion University of Valencia Spain
GULLI Marianne International responsible of the Red Party Norway
GYSI Gregor President of the European Left Germany
HERRMANN Peter Corvinus University / University of Eastern Finland Italy
HILDEBRANDT Cornelia Vice Director of the Institute for Critical Social Analysis of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Germany
HUDSON Kate Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament United Kingdom
IOAKIMIDIS Giorgos Mayor of Agios Ioannis Rentis and Ex Board of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities Greece
ION Iacov Vice President of the Romanian Socialist Party Romania
JOLY Eva Member of the European Parliament Greens/EFA, Progressive Caucus
KALYAKIN Sergey Chairman of the Party “Fair World“ Belarus
KANATLI Murat General Secretary of YKP Cyprus
KATOPODIS Grigoris Mayor of Vironas Attica Greece
KAVVADIA Anneta Member of the Parliamentary Member of the Assembly of the Council of Europe Greece
KIPPING Katja Chairpersons of Die Linke Germany
KOCH Francesca Casa Internazionale delle Donne di Roma Italy
KONSTANTINOU Kostakis Frederick University Cyprus Cyprus
KOUGEA Lena Coordination Committee of Athens Social Pharmacy Greece
KOURAKIS Tasos Membre of the European Parliament, Vice President of the Hellenic Parliament Greece
KOUVELIS Fotis Head of the Unitary Movement of European Left Greece
KUNEVA Kostadinka Member of the European Parliament GUE/NGL Greece
LAURENT Pierre Vice-President of the Party of the European Left France
LE HYARIC Patrick Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL France
LIBERAS Βabis Member of EC of ADEDY Greece
LIGUORI Guido University della Calabria Italy
MADDALENA Paolo Vice-President emerito della Corte Costituzionale Italy
MAKRAKIS George Member of the Executive Committee ADEDY Greece
MÁLEK Jiří Society For European Dialogue Czech republic
MARAZZI Christian Economist and university professor Switzerland
MARLIERE Philippe Professor of French and European Politics SELCS Faculty of Arts & Humanities. United Kingdom
MARSILI Lorenzo Italy
MARTIN Myriam Spokesperson of Ensemble! France
MARTINS Catarina Coordinator of Bloco de Esquerda Portugal
MATIAS Marisa Member of the European Parliament GUE/NGL Portugal
MAZIER Jacques Université Paris-Nord (CEPN) Université Paris-13 France
MELEGH Attila Sociologist, University professor Hungary
MENAPACE Lidia Consiglio Nazionale dell’ANPI Italy
MESEC Luka Coordinator of LEVICA Slovenia
MESSNER Mirko Chair of KPÖ Austria
MESTRUM Francine Researcher, Global social justice Belgium
MEZZADRA Sandro Professor of Political Theory in Università degli Studi di Bologna, adjunct research fellow at Institute for Culture and Society of University of Western Sydney Italy
MILEVA Margarita Vice-President of the Party of the European Left Bulgaria
MOLA Maite Vice-President of the Party of the European Left Spain
MONTEIRO Hugo cul:tra Portugal
MOREA Roberto Transform Italy
MORVA Judit Le Monde Diplomatique Hungary
MUSACCHIO Roberto Altra Europa Italy
MUSTAFA MEMET Mustafa Member of Parliament of SYRIZA Greece
NAVARRO Vicenç Professor of Political Sciences and Public Policy at the University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) Spain
NOUCHAKIS Stavros President of Panhellenic Federation of Medical Visitors & Pharmacists – Related Sector Professions (POIE-FSEK) Greece
NUET Joan Josep Coordinador de EUIA Spain
OBADIA Alain President of the Gabriel Péri Foundation France
OMARJEE Younous Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL France
PACKALÉN Petra Secretary General of the Communist Party of Finland Finland
PALAZZOTTO Erasmo Executive Board of Sinistra Italiana Responsible for International Relations Italy
PALEOCHORITIS Dimitris President of POTHA- PanHellenic Entertainment Federation Greece
PANSY Sarah Chair of the Young Greens Austria
PANTELIS Takis Vice President of POEDHN-Federation of Public Hospital Employees Greece
PAPADIMOULIS Dimitrios Vice-President of the European Parliament, Member of the European Parliament GUE/NGL and Head of SYRIZA Delegation Greece
PATOMAKI Heikki University of Helsinki Finland
PELLISSIER Jean-François Spokeperson of Ensemble! France
PETRELLA Riccardo Water Mouvement Italy
PETROPOULOS Giorgos member of EC of ADEDY-Confederation of Public Servants Greece
PETROS Damianos Headmaster, School of Avlona Juvenile Prison Greece
PIANTA Mario University of Urbino Italy
PIERO Bernocchi Spokesperson COBAS Italy
PIETILAINEN Jukka Left Forum Finland Finland
PINSON Gavriel President of the Labour Party of Switzerland (PST/POP) Switzerland
PIRINSKI Georgi Member of the Euopean Parliament S&D, Progressive Caucus Bulgaria
PISARELLO Gerardo Co-Coordinator of the International relation of Catalunya en Común Spain
POULOU Yiota Mayor of Livadia Greece
Razem National Executive Board Poland
REVELLI Marco Altra Europa Italy
RIEXINGER Bernd Chairpersons of Die Linke Germany
RIGAS Panos Secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA Greece
RINALDINI Gianni Ex National Secretary of the FIOM Italy
RIZZUTI Domenico Sinistra EuroMediterranea Italy
RODANO Giulia Altra Europa Italy
ROGDAKI Αnna Member of GC of ADEDY Greece
ROTARU Constantin President of the Romanian Socialist Party Romania
SABOURIN Anne Europe coordinator of the French Communist Party France
SANTORO Manuel National Secretary of Convergenza Socialista Italy
SCHINAS-PAPADOPOULOS Jason General Secratery of the Youth of SYRIZA Greece
SCHIRDEWAN Martin Director Europe Office Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Belgium
SCHUHLER Conrad ISW – Institute for Social, Ecological and Economic Studies Germany
SEPPÄNEN Antti Chairperson of PAND (Artists for Peace), dancer Finland
SHEEHAN Helena Dublin City University Ireland
STANCIU Dumitru Vice-President of the Romanian Socialist Party Romania
STANCIU Lucia Vice-President of the Romanian Socialist Party Romania
STRICKNER Alexandra Attac Autriche
TAŞ Alper President of ÖDP Turkey
TAMÁS Gáspár M Marxist philosopher and public intellectual Hungary
THEMISTOCLES Amblas President of Greek Federation of Transport Syndicates Greece
THEOPHEFTATOU Aphrodite MP, Secretary of Parliamentary group of SYRIZA Greece
THOMA Carole Spokesperson for Déi Lénk Luxembourg
THOMAS Isabelle Member of the European Parliament S&D, Progressive Caucus France
TOPALIDOU Maria Refugee Clinic Greece
TORELLI Massimo Altra Europa Italy
TRASCIATTI Attila Táncsics organisation Hungary
URBÁN CRESPO Miguel Member of the European Parliament, Europe Secretary for Podemos, GUE/NGL Spain
URTASUN Ernest Spokerperson of the Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds and Co-Coordinator of the International relation of Catalunya en Común Spain
VÄISÄNEN Juha-Pekka Chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland Finland
VAJNAI Attila Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006 Hungary
VAN HEES Marco Deputy of the Parti du Travail de Belgique (PTB-PVDA) in the Belgium Federal Parliament Belgium
VAN KEIRSBILCK Felipe Centrale nationale des employés CNE Belgium
VASILIS Rizos Coordinator Solidarity for All Greece
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign United Kingdom
VERGIAT Marie-Christine Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL France
VERNHES Marie-Dominique Attac Germany
VIEU Marie-Pierre Member of the European Parliament, Parti Communiste Français, GUE/NGL France
VILLANUEVA Idoia Member of the Spanish Senate, Member of PODEMOS Executive Spain
VISENTINI Luca General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Italy
VITA Vincenzo ARS – Associazione Movimento Sinistra Italy
WAGNER David Member of Parliament Déi Lénk Luxembourg
ZIEGLER Jean politician, writer Switzerland
ZIMMER Gabriele President of the GUE/NGL Group in the European Parliament Germany
ZOGRAFAKI Eleni president of OLME, Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers Greece