BIG UPCOMING EVENT: The European Integration in front of new challenges

• “The European Integration in front of new challenges – The role of Progressive Forces” • Progressive Caucus’s event with the participation of the Presidents in the EP Udo Bullmann (Socialists), Ska Keller (Greens), Gabi Zimmer (Left), and representatives from the parties SYRIZA (Greece), RAZEM (Poland), Generation.s (France), Sinn Fein (Ireland), Ecolo (Belgium) • The event will take […]

Defending a new Left and Ecological coalition

Common article co-signed by 9 MEPs, members of Progressive Caucus’s Steering Committee, published on Euractiv ‘Defending a new Left and Ecological coalition’ See at the end the article in Greek and French A common article, under the title ‘Defending a new Left and Ecological coalition’, is co-signed by 9 MEPs, from three different political groups […]

Défendre une Nouvelle Coalition de Gauche et Écologiste

A maintes reprises dans l’histoire du Parlement européen, des tentatives ont été menées pour créer des espaces de dialogue et de rapprochement entre les différentes composantes de la gauche et des forces écologistes. Ces trois dernières années notamment, le Progressive Caucus participé à ce mouvement. Il a probablement réussi à aller plus loin que les […]

Defending a pro-European budget

The last EU Summit made visible once again the most striking weakness of the European Union: the lack of determination to generate solidarity between the Member States and the lack of common vision. European leaders failed to reach a political commitment for a social budget after 2020. The discussions on the next Multiannual Financial Framework […]